How to do a proper glute bridge

November 7th, 2017

Hip dysfunction is an extremely common source of low back pain. Imbalances in the muscles of the hip, particularly the glutes and hip flexors, are the cause of recurrent low back issues and need to be addressed in order to provide long-term relief.

The glute bridge is an exercise that can implemented to start to address these issues, and is something that I teach nearly all of my patients. While it may appear outwardly straight forward, I can tell you from first hand exeperience that it is an exercise that is often performed incorrectly–to the point of feeding dysfuntion in some cases–making the condition worse.

Teaching these types of things through text is often quite difficult, so I have instead created a quick video that will demonstrate the exercise, common faults, how to correct them, and offer some modifications to make it less, or more difficult.

How to do a proper glute bridge
How to do a proper glute bridge

A denver chiropractor demonstrates proper technique for the glute bridge exercise which can improve hip strength and function