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Your experience at the clinic is very important to us.  So please leave us feedback so that we can continue to strive towards meeting your and other patients expectations!  Send a testimonial via email and we will post it here for others to see.

“Dr. Rash was incredibly thorough and communicated very clearly what he was doing and what he thought was going on with the strange pains I was feeling in my shoulder, arm and hand. After only one visit, my pain was pretty much gone and he gave me very simple stretches to do in order to improve. I am definitely going back and telling everyone I know how effective his treatment was. He was recommended to me by several people, and now I will also be one of those singing his praises.”

– Sara Y.

“After visiting Dr. Rash, my lower back and hips have felt great. I have always had a lot of stiffness in my hips and Dr. Rash did a great job with adjustments and also used the cold laser treatment on my hip to help with the stiffness.  I will return in the future and would definitely recommend Elevate Sport and Spine Therapy to anyone!”

– Kelly K.

“I was very nervous about going to a chiropractor, but my daughter finally convinced me to trust Dr. Steve and I’m so glad she did.  I had a lot of problems (knees, lower back, hip, foot, calves), but after each appointment with Dr. Steve I feel better.  There are some things even gods (yes, he’s a god) can’t fix, like my arthritis; but he is so knowledgable and good at what he does that he’s made a lot of things easier than they used to be (like stairs).  He treats the cause of the pain, not just the pain, which a lot of doctors don’t do.  He’s the best.

– Betty E.

I have been a patient of Dr. Steve for about a year now and have been very impressed with his knowledge, professionalism and skill. I have always suffered from nagging sports injuries and lower back pain. Dr. Steve has been a crucial part of getting me back up and running with treatment and adjustments. I think the approach he takes with his clients is what sets him apart from others I have used in the chiropractic field. During a visit he will truly listen to you, evaluate ways to help and then has the care and skill to help feel results. He also goes the extra mile to help you understand what is happening and offers ways to avoid that issue or alleviate the symptoms. I’ve attended several classes he has conducted on flexibility, back stretching and other useful topics. Its not often you will find a professional working so hard to help you stay out of their office; but that is just the kind of person he is. Elevate Sport & Spine has also invested heavily in some of the latest technology to help with recovery and sports performance. I would highly recommend Dr. Steve and Elevate Sport & Spine, he is about as genuine and helpful as you can find. “

– Brian A.

“I was referred to Steve (by two friends!) after a “moving incident” left me in intense pain and unable to move! Within a week, Steve had me moving around and feeling great!! Steve was great to work with, and willing to fit me in immediately. His technique and ability to diagnose my injury quickly allowed to me to get back to work and to my life. I will be seeing Steve regularly now, and will refer him happily to anyone who needs a chiropractor. Thank you”!

– Allie B.

“I’ve been considering going to Dr. Steve for a variety of reasons, initially because of my 2 coworkers’ praise of his skills and demeanor. But upon personally witnessing the extent to which this man is undeniably genuinely interested in helping people, I am now a fully-dedicated patient. For example, my coworkers had healthcare issues for which they were receiving regular treatment from Dr. Steve, but his exemplary altruistic care was demonstrated by how he accurately diagnosed their other issues that they didn’t understand fully based on their primary-care providers’ info; he filled in the gaps and enhanced their healing process by doing so. Just as he did not have to take the time to listen to them and to give them this additional information–AND AT NO CHARGE–he listened and responded fully to my pre-patient inquiries as to if he could treat my chronic pain and joint issues. He researched information and came back to me with a credible medical article that outlined a condition of BJHS. For the first time of many years of care by many different providers, what I thought was just hardcore-exercise/sports-induced physiological manifestations of wear and tear on my body was an actual diagnosable condition…and he could help me with the pain and hyperextensions! Additionally, I ran into him getting onto the elevator, and in general conversation about where he was heading to with his portable table; when I heard it was to the 9-News Healthcare Fair, I pointed out all the angles by which that could benefit his practice (good marketing/building his client base and a possible tax writeoff, etc.), he said that it’s not why he does it but rather serving people is why…and his face and body language showed he meant that. Anyone can provide treatments, but Dr. Steve provides care. God bless”!

– Kate S.

“I live an extremely active lifestyle as a gym owner and maintaining the health of my muscles is of utmost importance. Dr. Steve’s chiropractic work as well as his use of graston and other modalities has kept my often sore and strained muscles to a minimum! He’s able to pin point the problem area immediately and get right to work. What I appreciate most is that he’s interested in identifying and fixing the problem, then sending me on my way. He just gets it, doesn’t sugar coat it and doesn’t try to rope me into an unnecessary amount of visits. And my strength and flexibility just keeps improving – thanks Dr. Steve”!

– Leslie F.

“I was treated by Dr. Rash and was VERY impressed! He was always very attentive to my concerns and answered all of my questions in a way that I was able to understand. I always left feeling so much better than when I walked in and was never disappointed with my treatments. Dr. Rash is also an excellent adjuster with great skill and expertise. I would highly recommend him to anyone”!

– Megan C.

“It had been awhile since my last adjustment when I first found Dr. Rash. I had assumed that what I was experiencing was all due to natural aging. During my consultation Dr. Rash made me feel at ease and comfortable while we went over my medical history. After my first adjustment I felt a lot better and more balanced. After my third appointment I have been waking in the mornings with less back, hip and shoulder aches. I have been telling everyone of Dr. Rash and how much better I feel since I’ve been going to him”.

– David C.

“To be honest, Dr. Rash was the first chiropractor that I ever saw. I was a little hesitant to see a chiropractor. However, Dr. Rash was great! He is extremely kind hearted and professional. He not only talks to you about your ailments, but truly listens in order to try and solve the issue. I had a problem with my shoulder for a few months. I even went to physical rehab. I saw Dr. Rash three times and after the visits (even after the first one) , I had greatly improved. Currently, I am fully healed. I would highly recommend Dr. Rash to anyone who is seeking a chiropractor. He is truly great”.

– Louis G.

“My experiences with Dr. Steve have been great! He made me feel comfortable about the procedures he was doing and talked to me about whether my needs were something that needed ongoing work or just a few visits. On one visit to Dr. Steve, he completely realigned me after running my first half marathon and taped my knee as well. Had I not been to this visit with him, I may not have recovered from my race as quickly as I did. I would highly recommend Dr. Steve to active people in the community, as well as anyone else who is seeking chiropractic services”.

– Alison B.

“The last time I was in for an adjustment I had shown Dr. Rash a large dark bruise on my elbow. He wanted me to try a sports tape that would heal it within 3 days. After the recommended time the bruise was gone when I removed the tape and I could hardly feel any pain. No more embarrassing black and blues for a week from now on. Thnx Dr. Rash”!

– David C.

“I’ve had a chronic knee injury for about 5 years now. After several unsuccessful attempts to fix it, I had resigned myself to live with it for the rest of my life before I saw Dr. Steven. He took a very optimistic approach, did a thourough evaluation on all of the structural imbalances affecting my knee, and began a completely customized treatment plan for me. Dr. Steven’s knowledge of biomechanical problems is the best I have come across, and after only a few treatments I could feel a significant difference. Now, about a month later, my knee is feeling better than it has in 5 years, and I can’t thank Dr. Steven enough for letting me get back out and do what I love to do”!

– Bonnie D.

“I went to see Dr. Steve the week leading up to my first marathon (Denver Rock ‘n Roll) in the fall of 2011. I had been diligently training for the previous six months, relatively injury-free, until a week before race when I came down with a nasty case of runner’s knee. I literally could barely walk, let alone run 26.2 miles! A close friend strongly recommended I contact Dr. Steve ASAP to see if any last-minute treatment could be done to alleviate my pain. In a panic, I called Dr. Steve who very kindly squeezed me in the following day.

After a thorough evaluation, he proceeded to treat me with a regimen of Graston IASTM, Low Level Light Therapy (Cold Laser), Kinesio taping, and rehabilitative / strengthening exercises. I visited him 3 times that week for therapy and a 4th time to get my leg wrapped in Kinesio tape prior to the race. To my delight, the day prior to the race, I was able to successfully complete a short run, with marked pain improvement – what a relief. I proceeded to run my first marathon the following day, with relatively little pain, and actually finished the race within 10 minutes of my goal time! Following the race, he provided me with some recommendations on stretching / strengthening exercises to help prevent future injury.

I credit Dr. Steve with bringing my knee back from the brink and can’t THANK him enough. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking treatment for running injuries or other chiropractic services.”

– Greg C.

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