10 Apps That Are Good For Your Health

June 5th, 2012

If you’ve ever slung-shot a bird into a makeshift pig club house then you have some experience with apps.  Did you know that there were some great apps out there to help you live a healthier lifestyle?  With over 500,000 of them in Apple’s App Store, it should come as no surprise that your phone can now help you lose weight, sleep better, motivate you to exercise, let you know when to seek medical attention and even help you save a life in an emergency situation.  Here are a few of my favorite apps that every health-conscious person should have.

10.Nike+ GPS

      This app uses the GPS capability of your phone to track you while you run/walk.  Its many features enable you to keep a log of your workouts, set goals for yourself, get motivational cheers from your Facebook friends while you run and even play games with other people who use the app.  This is a great way to make exercising a bit more fun and enables you to get some feedback about your accomplishments as you run your way to a healthier lifestyle.

  1. WhatsMyM3

        Originally called My Mood Monitor, this app contains a quick depression/anxiety/bipolar disorder/post-traumatic stress disorder screening questionnaire. In only a few short minutes it can help you determine whether or not you are at risk for any of these things and help you decide if it might be a good idea to seek professional help.  The app is cool because it lets you keep track of your scores over time, but the questionnaire can be taken for free here if you wish.

  1. Instant Heart Rate

      Instant Heart Rate is one of those “it does what it says on the can,” apps.  Just place your finger over your phones camera and in no time at all you will have a pretty accurate reading of your current heart rate.  It’s great for having around during workouts where you are trying to achieve a target heart rate and also just for fun, cause let’s face it, it’s pretty amazing that your phone can take your pulse.

  1. Lose It!

There are tons of weight loss apps out there, so you’re kind of in a pick your poison market.  I like this one because it has a simple user interface and gives you the ability to set caloric allowances and weight loss goals as well as keeping track of other nutrients like protein, carbs , and fat.  People who use systems like this that help them set goals, keep track of their progress and remind them to constantly participate tend to be very successful.  So if you’re in the market to drop a few extra Lbs then this is the app for you.

  1. uHear

        If the last time you had your hearing tested was in a pair of those clunky blue and white headphones back in elementary school then you ought to check out this app.  In less than 10 minutes you can find out whether or not your mother was right about the damaging effects of all those rock n’ roll concerts you went to during your formative years.

  1. White Noise Ambience Lite

        If you’re anything like a lot of people, you might have trouble getting to sleep from time to time.  This app is there to help!  Choose from one of its 12 relaxing sounds and find yourself in snooze land in no time.

  1. iTriage

        This app is pretty much a one-stop shop for any person who has ever had a medical situation where they were wondering what condition they may have, and who to see about it.  Alongside an extensive list of conditions and medical procedures, this app can also use your current location to help you find nearby medical assistance and let you know estimated ER/Urgent Care wait times!  It also allows you to save and share your healthcare information.  There are lots more really cool features that you should check out.

  1. WebMD

WebMD does a lot of the same things that iTriage does, some better, some not.  The reason it makes the list is because it has a great list of first aid information that could be really useful in a pinch.  Other than that, I’d just think of it as a second opinion if you don’t like what iTriage has to tell you.

  1. iMuscle

Ever wanted to know where the heck your adductor magnus was and how to strengthen or stretch it?  Well then this is the app for you.  I like this app a lot because it is a great patient education tool.  The animations and graphics are well-done and easy to navigate, and the custom workout tool makes it easy to keep track of prescribed rehab exercises.

  1. Fooducate

      Bottom line, this app is awesome.  By simply scanning a products barcode in the grocery store you can get invaluable information about the things you plan to put in your gullet.  It provides a simple grading system along with an analysis of the product’s ingredients as well as healthier alternatives for the item you picked out.  If you’ve ever wanted to start eating better, but got stressed out about trying to understand label-lingo and the like then I highly recommend you get this app and start making better, more informed food choices today.