Dr. Steve’s Favorite Things 2013

December 29th, 2013

Since it’s time to do some gift shopping for the holiday season, I thought I would share a few great health related gift ideas with you! So here they are in no particular order.

  • The Stick – This is a great tool for any runner, athlete, or any person you know who has tight legs or shoulders. It fits easily into any gym bag or back pack and can be very useful in a pinch.
  • Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow – Of all the pillows if tried out, this one is my favorite. What’s great about it is that if you don’t like the amount of support that you’re getting from it you can add or remove water from it until it feels perfect! (The Mediflow pillow is the same product but is about $10 cheaper)
  • Core Products Hot/Cold Packs – These are the packs that I use in the office. They are super soft and very comfortable to apply, and they can be used as both a hot and a cold compress! What else do ya need?
  • Foam Roller – Another great tool for working out the kinks! These are great for spinal stiffness and can help keep you feeling great between appointments with me. I prefer a fairly dense roll (they tend to be black in color), though there are a variety of them available out there.
  • TENS Unit – If you know someone who gets back pain off and on a TENS unit is a good thing to have around the house. They can quickly get rid of pain without the use of medications and help manage chronic pain without side-effects. There are a wide range of these available as well, and to be honest I’m not sure any one is that much better than another, so just read the reviews and pick the one you like!
  • Activity Tracking Band – There are a bunch of these cool little gizmos out there that can help you track your activity and even how you sleep! They can give you insight to all sorts of things regarding your health and help you reach your fitness goals. This articlebreaks down all the options out there.
  • Voodoo Floss Compression Bands – A really nice gift for the CrossFit athlete in your life, but can be used by anyone else, too! By wrapping these bands around your joints you can help decrease pain and increase mobility.
  • Lacrosse Ball– A cheap and effective trigger point tool. These make awesome stocking stuffers!
  • Office Chair Lumbar Support – If someone on your list has a desk job and complains about their uncomfortable chair at work, this is an easy way to help them out! There are a wide variety of styles available out there. I tend to like the mesh ones because they are breathable as well as supportive. Most of them can also be used for added support in your car seat as well.
  • Gift Cards – Not sure what to get? Let the person your gifting to choose for themselves! You can help steer them towards making fitness related purchases by getting cards to places like REI,Dick’s Sporting GoodsSports Authority, and Rouge Fitness (for your CrossFit fanatics).

Not an all-inclusive list by any means, but it should help you get a jump on finding that perfect gift this season. Happy hunting!