Dr. Steve’s Health for The Holidays Gift Guide

December 11th, 2018

If you are in need of some last minute gift ideas, then I have a gift for you! 

Every year around this time I like to scrounge the internet for items that can help improve the health and quality of life for those on your list for the holidays, so here are a handful of the cooler things I came across in no particular order.

Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk –  I found this while walking around Costco the other day, and for the price, it is a really great way to add some dynamic activity to your work space at an affordable price. Typically these things typically cost around $1k but this one can be had in-store for less than $300.

BackJoy Posture Seats –  I have been a big fan of these for a few years now. They offer the ability to improve the ergonomics of any chair, making it easier to maintain good posture when you have to sit. 

Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat – This is a good addition to a standing desk as it can help reduce strain on the legs and back. They are also great in the kitchen or workshop too!

Roost Laptop Stand – Working on a laptop is almost unavoidable these days. A stand like this one can help reduce neck and back strain by getting the laptop into a more ergonomic position. The caveat is that you will need an additional keyboard and mouse to go with it, but your spine will thank you!

Swivel Seat Cushion – If someone you know anyone that has trouble twisting their way out of their car seat, then one of these could be helpful. They also come in a heated variety.

Healing Back Pain Book – Written by Dr. John E. Sarno, this book helps shed light on some of the mind-body therapies that have been shown in more recent years to help people who suffer from chronic back pain. A great stocking-stuffer.

Resistance Band Packs – These types of bands can add a load to nearly any movement to help you get the most from your exercises. As a nice addition, they come with a book of exercises and some online videos. A more traditional band set with pull handles and ankle straps can be found here. Either set would be great for someone who travels and has a hard time getting to the gym. 

Vibration Tools – Deep vibration is a good way to get stubborn muscles to relax. The price of these devices has started to come down over the years, but they can still be a little spendy. They come in a variety of styles such as foam rollers, balls, or hand held guns.

I hope those ideas help you help your loved ones have a less painful and healthier 2019! 

Happy Holidays.

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