Dr. Steve’s Healthy Lifestyle Gift Guide 2016

December 7th, 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! If you have found yourself scratching your head about what to get someone on your holiday gift list then I may have a couple of ideas for you. Gifts can be a great way to let someone know that you care about them, and the healthy lifestyle gifts I’ll suggest below will let you help them improve their quality of life!

Here they are in no particular order

  • BackJoy SitSmart – This little foam bolster can help reduce low back pain that people often experience when sitting in their car, at their desk, or in other un-supportive chairs. It works by guiding your pelvis into proper alignment thereby reducing stress on the muscles and joints in your spine! Really cool little device. Extra bonus — it comes in a lot of fun color options!
  • Becoming a Supple Leopard Book – The 2nd edition of this book was released a little over a year ago and still contains some of the best information available for teaching you how to self-manage some of your stiff achy joints with the use of foam rollers, balls, bands, stretches, and posture cues which can increase your athletic efficiency and overall health. Definitely a great read.
  • HyperIce Vyper – Speaking of foam rollers, this one is definitely a cut above the rest. This foam roller integrates vibration technology which can help loosen up muscles faster and better than a traditional foam roller. The downside? It costs $200! If that’s outside your price range than any old foam roller can be a great place to start! We sell travel sized foam rollers at the office for $20 each.
  • Fitness Trackers – Goals are more often made when they are traceable and quantifiable. Help the person on your list that is looking to boost their fitness in 2017 with a fitness tracker like the FitBit Alta, or Charge 2. For the cyclist in your life, a bike computer like this simple one, or this more advanced one with GPS and altitude tracking can be a great add on to their rig.
  • Spire Mindfulness Tracker – Another piece of wearable tech, the Spire Mindfulness Tracker keeps a log of how your breathing and how that relates to your emotional state. It also offers guided breathing meditations for those moments when stress gets the better of us.
  • ClassPass – These guys have recently changed up their offering from unlimited classes to only 10 a month (much to my girlfriend’s chagrin), but it is still a great way to try out a wide-variety of gyms and fitness programs to find out which one best suits your taste.
  • Clever Yoga Kit – If the person on your list does yoga, or is looking to get into it, this little kit could be a great option for them! I’d pair it with an instructional video or some pre-paid sessions to top it off.
  • A 90-Minute Float Session At Samana – This place offers isolation salt floats which can be good for the body and mind. I’ve definitely wanted to give this a try myself, but may have to wait until my incision heals up first (Ouch!).
  • A One Month Pass to Denver Sports Recovery – In addition to the Normatec Compression system treatments that I offer at the clinic, these guys have access to some of the cutting edge sports recovery technology on the market. You may even spot a Denver Bronco or two while you’re there!
  • Massage Gift Card / Pre-Paid Chiropractic – A little body work can be a nice respite from holiday stress. I’d recommend a massage from Robert at Meridian Massage Therapy or Jackie at New Body Massage. If you’d like to pay in advance for someone to come to see me for treatment, just reach out and I can put a credit toward their account.

That should cover just about anyone on your list! Hope you have a happy holiday this year!