Dr. Steve’s Healthy Lifestyle Gift Guide

December 29th, 2014

I had a lot of fun making some gift recommendations for you last year, so I’m gonna do it again!

Let’s get started –

  • Yoga Tune Up Ball – A slightly softer and larger alternative to the lacrosse ball. These tools are great for working on tired, achy, sore and knotted muscles. There are also some great instructional DVDs on the site I linked to that can teach you to get the most out of your self-treatment sessions.
  • Core Products Hot/Cold Pack – I know I just talked about these last month, but I really can’t stress how nice it is to have these things around in times of need. These are the ones I recommend most.
  • Rocktape – This stuff is great for self treatment of lots of different aches and pains. Each roll comes with an instructional handout about how to use the tape, but if you want some guidance, I’m always happy to help! It comes in a variety of wacky colors and would make a great stocking stuffer for the active person on your list.
  • Easy Reader Book Stand – This stand is great for anyone who does a lot of reading either in the office, for school, or for fun. This little stand can help decrease stress and pain in your shoulders and neck. They are a little hard to find these days, but are worth the hunt!
  • VERIDESK Standing Desk Topper – Standing up at work is all the rage these days, and for good reason! The good news is that you don’t have to buy a whole new desk to upgrade your desk to a convertible workstation that will allow you to work seated and standing throughout the day.
  • Herman Miller Desk Chair – You should sit too, and when you do, it should be in one of the best designed most supportive chairs available out there. These guys make top notch chairs, and you really cant go wrong with any one of them.
  • Omegawave Training Technology – This system works with your phone to gather data about your physiology and let you know what types of training that your body is best prepared for.
  • Sleep Number DualTemp Mattress Topper – Do you sleep too hot, or too cold? This thing can help solve your problems by giving you control over just how hot or cool your mattress is.
  • Marc Pro Muscle Stimulator – If someone on your list is constantly complaining about sore and tired muscles then this thing can help. The pro verson also comes with a high frequency TENS like setting that can help with pain.
  • Body Work – Treat your loved ones to an adjustment with their favorite chiropractor or massage therapist (I won’t be offended if it’s not me!)
  • Gift Cards – Still not sure what to get? Let the person your gifting choose for themselves! You can help steer them towards making fitness related purchases by getting cards to places like REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, and Rouge Fitness (for your CrossFit fanatics).