What to Expect

The best experience we can provide.

When you visit our clinic, you’ll be welcomed to a relaxed, friendly and professional environment. We offer individual treatment rooms in an effort to protect your privacy and to make all our patients as comfortable as possible. We put a great deal of effort into ensuring  you have a great experience. If we fail to meet your expectations, then definitely let us know, and we will make sure to set things right for your future visits.

Your First Visit

On your first time with Elevate Sport & Spine, Dr. Steve will take a detailed history of your primary health concern as well as review any other medical conditions you may have. After taking your history, he’ll perform a thorough examination of your nervous system, muscles, bones and joints to determine the cause of your problem.

Should you require additional tests — such as x-rays, advanced imaging or labs — we will ensure that you are referred to one of our nearby imaging or laboratory partners. If we suspect you have a serious condition that we cannot appropriately treat, we’ll give you the proper referral to a well-qualified specialist.

Since each patient is unique, we cannot guarantee your health concern will be fixed on your first visit, but Dr. Steve will render the best treatment he can to give you a great chance of therapeutic success. At the end of the first visit, we’ll give you an estimate of how many treatments we determines it will take to get you feeling better.

If you are ready to make your first appointment, book online now or call the office at (720) 263-0594 to get set up!

Want your first visit to move along faster? Download and fill out our new patient form and health history form prior to your appointment.

Ongoing Care

On your 2nd visit, Dr. Steve will review the findings from your first visit and recommend a treatment plan specific to you. This treatment plan will detail what types of adjustments or other sport therapy you can expect to receive during your ongoing visits. While the number and types of treatments we outline are what we feel is best for you, it is ultimately your decision for which treatments you receive.

Getting you back to your active lifestyle is our #1 goal, and we will continue to work with you as long as we need. As your condition improves, we may modify your treatment plan, make new recommendations, or even release you from our care. It’s all up to how you feel.