Why Movement Matters

February 4th, 2015

The new tagline for the clinic is “Move Well. Live Well.” This is something I truly believe and keep it in mind always when assessing my patients and determining how to treat and rehabilitate them.

Newer research that has been coming out over the last couple years has linked excessive sitting to premature death, even if you exercise regularly!

Another study relates a person’s ability to get up from a seated position on the floor unassited with their risk for death in the near future.

A report titled “Designed to Move” revealed some shocking statistics related to physical inactivity. Some of the more interesting ones are as follows:

• The top 10 killers in the 50 highest-income countries are all connected to a lack of physical activity.

• More deaths are now attributed to physical inactivity than smoking (5.3 million vs. 5 million respectively).

• The global cost of the five leading non-communicable diseases totaled $6.2 trillion in 2010, all linked to physical inactivity.

The report came to the conclusion for that the first time in nearly all of history, The current generation of children are exposing themselves to the risk of not living longer than the generation that came before them.

All because we just don’t move enough.

So in an effort to help you move a little more, I made a little video outlining 5 or so of my favorite functional movements that can be done without any equipment.

Doing any or all of these on a daily basis can help you get active, stay active, and most importantly help improve your health!